Stranahan House Ghost Hunting Event
Historic Stranahan House Museum

Historic Stranahan House Museum is located just off Las Olas Boulevard on the New River at 335 Southeast 6th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301. See Mapquest for directions.

Frank Stranahan was one of the first settlers to come to Fort Lauderdale in 1893 due to health reasons. He was the areas first postmaster, banker, and businessman. He met and married Ivy Julia Cromartie in 1900, who was Fort Lauderdale’s first teacher. The Stranahan House was built in 1901 with Dade County Pine by the Seminole Indians and is where Frank and Ivy Stranahan lived. The home was a trading post for the Seminole Indians and the first settlers of the city. From there it quickly became a community center, post office, and town hall where Frank Stranahan became the town’s first postmaster.

In 1929 during the great depression, Frank committed suicide by drowning himself in the river when his bank failed and he could not repay his debts. Ivy continued to live on the 2nd floor while renting out the first floor as a restaurant until her death in 1971. Many restaurant employees have quit over the years due to the paranormal activity taking place at the home. The Ft. Lauderdale Historical Society took over the Stranahan House in 1979. Burglar alarms have gone off and when the police arrived they would find no one there. Some claim to have spoken to Ivy herself, have seen an impression of a human being sitting in an empty chair, and have smelled the distinct presence of women’s perfume.
Public Events Scheduled for Every 12 People that Sign Up
Donation $35 PP - Advance ticket purchase required when Event is scheduled.
Event runs from 7:00pm until 10:00pm - Registration begins at 6:30pm

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